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Fully Anonymous Hosting

Walnut Host wants to help you provide the professional reseller hosting solution. .

To ensure that your hosting clients do not find out that you are a reseller of Walnut Host, we use anonymous domain names for our reseller servers. What does this mean for you? As an example, rather than naming a server "superman.Walnut Host.com" we would name it "superman.somethinganonymous.com".

This prevents your every-day users from seeing that Walnut Host is your hosting solution of choice. This same domain is also used to provide anonymous DNS servers to all resellers, so that instead of telling your customers having to point their domain names to "dns.Walnut Host.com", they can point to "dns.somethinganonymous.com"

NetEarthOne reseller

ZERO deposit domain reseller

Providing web hosting access without a domain almost seems pointless. This is the reason Walnut Host gives you a free NetEarthOne Domain reseller account. With this domain name reseller access, you can both resell your web hosting and register your own client domain names too.

While most domain resellers require a huge deposit to start reselling domains, your account with NetEarthOne will not require any initial deposit !

Free Website Migration

Do you have your website hosted with another web hosting company?

Do you have your website hosted with another web hosting company? Walnut Host will help you with moving your website files, databases, and more from your old web hosting account to your new web hosting account at Walnut Host.

We realize that moving a website you have had for years is a stressful experience. However, that should not be the reason that holds you back from getting a better web hosting solution. The Walnut Host web hosting migration experts will handle the process for you -- free.

Billing Software

Discounted WHCMS/Client Exec licenses on every account

Yeap, you heard that right ! Every account with us gets a discounted WHCMS/ClientExec license ( $10 & 8 monthly respectively !


We are here 24/7/365 to assist you & your clients!

End user support is not provided, however if you have a problem you cannot solve, feel free to submit a support ticket

We'll try our best to solve the situation !

Why choose reseller hosting

You may create multiple cPanel accounts with reseller hosting. This is good for hosting multiple sites, as if you get hacked, only one account is compromised.

In addition to that, you may choose to sell web hosting to your friends & family and earn a little bit of extra beer money !

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